FIT AS A PRO Wins Best Workout Award

Café Oscuro Films, is honored to receive one of the most prestigious awards in the fitness industry for FIT AS A PRO – 10 Minute Full Workouts for Small Spaces with Lauren Sesselmann video. Thank you for having us as part of The 2016 FITTIES.

“The Fitties are basically our version of the Oscars. And we give them out to only the best-of-the-best fitness- and health-related products that we have tried in the last year and love like whoa. We mean, we covet this stuff and only select products we believe in and recommend 100 percent.”

Best workout for small spaces: Fit As A Pro: Five 10-Minute Full Body Workouts for SMALL SPACES with Lauren Sesselmann. We love Lauren, and we really love this quick and effective workout that you can do pretty much anywhere.